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Price: 184.00 грн




Badges are special icons or cards intended for transfer of information about the carrier. This accessory is attached to clothing in a conspicuous place. Badges are quite often used: at public events, in large companies and numerous communities of interest. You can buy badges in this section of the Crew Shop store by ordering online or by phone.

Types of badges

It is difficult to determine the number of forms and sizes of badges: there are too many of them, both in Ukraine and all over the globe. For most people the ordinary shape is a rectangle. However, such information plates are classified according to the method of attachment. You can buy a badge of three types:

  • Card. That is the accessory that is considered the most popular due to its following features: low cost, ease of attachment and application. Usually it is a small sheet of paper or cardboard, fixed inside a plastic case. On this badge, you can make any inscription either by hand, or you can order a print.
  • Sticker. Also a paper or sometimes a fabric sign that is attached to clothing with special glue.
  • Icon. The cost of such accessories is far higher, but they serve for years. The fact is that it is made of metal, wood, plastic or other durable material. Inscriptions on the icons are rare. Typically, they display a company logo or attach a recognizable shape with engraved information.

Despite the different prices and peculiarities of operation, it is impossible to call these types of badges competitive. Each of them occupies a niche and enjoys high demand in various areas of activity, requiring rapid people identification. And it does not matter how many people need to be introduced to each other.

Where badges are used

Considering the general classification, it is easy to outline the scope of application of badges:

  • Cards are popular in places of public catering (for waiters) and at various seminars (among administration representatives). In addition, cards are often used as passes by corporate employees. For some, there are special chips for computer identification.
  • Badge in the form of a sticker is needed for large crowds of people for quick distribution to the visiting guests: at social parties and corporate parties. In most cases, such a badge already contains some information, for example, a status message: guest, employee, animator, etc.
  • The most vivid kind of badges are police tokens. For example, security companies generally buy such type of identifiers. Moreover, each sample is unique: with a number or other similar engraving.

However, if you need a person to stand out somehow, then the badge will fit perfectly. The optimal solution for buying badges will be a call to the aviation online store Crew Shop. Here you will find a wide selection, affordable price and high quality products. Sale and delivery is carried out in Kiev and all regions of the country.

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