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Price: 3,945.00 грн


Price: 3,945.00 грн

Product DescriptionThese CWU-27/P Nomex Flightsuit are the same flightsuits that are issued to US Military aircrews the world over. The summer weight fabric, made from fire retardant Nomex, is ideal for year round wear. It can be worn alone in warmer weather or worn over clothing in colder weather. These coveralls are not only great for flyers and grease monkeys, but are also ideal for house/yard chores or just for casual wear. Looks great when coupled with a leather or nylon flight jacket! Made..

Назначение -  для пилотов и техников гражданской и малой авиации. Не является защитным обмундированием ВВСМеста для летной «птички» и именного шеврона 5х9 см (Ф. И. О. , должность/звание)Плечевые накладкиВентиляционные элементыДевять кармановКарман для НАЗаВнизу брюк - «молнии» для ношения поверх обуви.Рукава с регулируемыми манжетамиРегулируемый поясКостюмы в продаже без шевроновМатериал: смесовая «рип–стоп», застежка «контакт», «молнии»Производство ТМ Округ,  Таблица размеровРазмер96100104 108..

Price: 3,600.00 грн


Price: 3,600.00 грн

Комбинезон изготавливается из прочной и комфортной ткани рип-стоп (53% хлопок, 47% полиэстер)Модель оснащена 4 карманами , двусторонней молнией, карманом на рукаве, контактной лентой под шевроны, стяжками-липучками на поясе, рукавах и внизу брюк. На молниях есть светоотражательные полоскиКачество и функциональность полностью повторяют модель Полётного комбезаТаблица размеровРекомендуемый размер, 11-14 лет Объем груди (рост)Рекомендуемый размер, 7-11 лет Объем груди (рост)Рекомендуемый размер, 3-..

Flight overall

Flight overalls

Flight overall

The basic suit for the pilot is a flight overall. The distinctive features of such a product are a large number of pockets and high strength of the material. Virtually all of the overalls have fire-resistant properties. The special weaving of the fabric keeps the heat, which is very convenient for long flights and temperature drops.

Flight overall: Materials and Properties of

The development of aviation and the first flights in unheated open cabins led to the elaboration and further development of the design of flight overalls. Therefore, there were new materials, various types of pockets with closings on buttons, fasteners, and latches. The main task of overalls was to protect a person from cold, and then other, more hazardous to health factors: fire, chemicals, metal shrapnel.

Modern flight suits also protect the pilot from physical stress at the time of acceleration. The design of some of them allows you to maintain proper blood circulation during the flight, allowing the body to be in relative comfort during complex maneuvers. The main thing that companies pay attention to today is the safety and health of the pilot during the flight.

The flight overall in appearance resembles a normal overall. Nomex or fabric with similar properties. The fabric can include the following types of fibers:

  • meta-armid, which withstand temperatures up to + 400 ° C;
  • Kevlar, which retains high strength and elasticity;
  • anti-static threads.

Such flight overalls are ideal for the protection of the pilot in the event of a fire. The costume can be green, gray or other color. The number and size of pockets can vary. Some flight overalls are equipped with a transparent pocket on the thigh, designed to accommodate the flight map.

Basic properties:

  • high resistance to tearing and abrasion;
  • good body heat preservation;
  • resistance to high temperatures from fire, metal or electricity;
  • low flammability;
  • resistance to reactive substances;
  • hygroscopicity;
  • lightness;
  • ease to clean;
  • standard operating life - up to 5 years.

Overalls fit the figure comfortably. The cut of clothing allows the pilots to sit for a long time without experiencing the slightest discomfort.

Buy a pilot's overall in Ukraine

Aviation online store Crew Shop (Kiev) offers a wide range of flight overalls from the leading manufacturers of overalls for flights. Flight overall can be used not only by pilots. Due to the properties of the fabric, the suit is also suitable for the personnel of airfields, firefighters and EMERCOM employees.

All products presented on our website are available in the catalog and can be delivered to any city in Ukraine within a few days after placing the order. Sale is carried out in wholesale and retail.

All overalls are fully certified and can be used at airlines. We offer only products from leading manufacturers with impeccable reputation and high quality of finished products. The product can withstand up to 200 washes in a conventional washing machine. The material does not shrink, does not change its properties and does not wear out.

Buy flight overall: the price of

The overalls price depends on the material of manufacture. For the cost of flyight suit from Nomex, manufactured by the US, please contact the manager. There are also flight suits made by Technoavia and OKRUG in our storage.

Very tall pilots or owners of other non-standard sizes can order the overalls of theirs right size. You can call our managers and ask about the possibility to buy a flight overall according to individual sizes and terms of order.

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