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This Finger Pulse Oximeter was specifically designed according to the pilot’s requirements.As every person’s body is different, it is therefore important that during flights above 8.000 ft the pilot’s blood oxygen saturation level is measured, in order to avoid any impairment through oxygen deficiency. Furthermore, you can read your pulse at any time.The PILOT FPO is solely to be used for information and monitoring purposes and is no substitution for compulsory oxygen supply needed by law when f..

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor

Heart rate monitor is a device for monitoring the cardiovascular system. With his help, the pulse is monitored, its rate and its output, the heart is controlled, the permissible load on the organism is determined taking into account its individuality.

Buy heart rate monitors: details to look at

Heart rate monitors differ from each other by the attachment system, additional functions and price. Heart rate monitors can be fixed:

  • On the earlobe. Information is transferred to the device to which such a heart rate monitor is connected (phone, tablet, computer). Pros: easy to use. Cons: can harm earlobes or fall off. Indicators can only be tracked by an optional device.
  • On the finger. Such a heart rate monitor looks like a clothespin. The pulse is measured by blood pressure. Pros: light, no longer noticeable as it is used. If the temperature drops, it may give inaccurate indicators.
  • Headphones. Device for runners. Great for combining sports and listening to music.
  • Breastplates. The sensor is attached using elastic straps on the chest. Pros: one of the most accurate instruments. Gives accurate status 24/7 365. Cons: due to profuse sweating, the strap starts to slip. It takes time to get used to it.

Among the stand-alone instruments with built-in meters are:

  • Watch;
  • Ring;
  • Bracelet.

Where are the heart rate monitor used

Heart rate monitor are devices for measuring heart rhythms in various states: calmness, moderate or high activity. They are used in medicine, sports, everyday life and other spheres of life. Such devices are usually purchased by people who are monitoring their health, the phases of sleep, the number of calories burned and the steps taken, as well as changes in heart rhythms in the process of changing physical activity.

Before buying heart rate monitor, it is necessary to determine the purpose for which you acquire a heart rate monitor. For a simple measurement of the pulse, the most common device will suffice. However, if you want to monitor the performance of the cardiovascular system in different planes of your life, you need to consider more complicated options.

If you are planning to buy a heart rate monitor, it is important to remember that the sensor in such devices is located on the inside, closer to the body. Relying on accuracy is not always possible, since if the strap of the device is weakened or the air temperature is too low, the devices can be wrong.

Pay special attention to the issue of attachment and additional functions that are incorporated in this or that device. Overactive people should not forget about comfort and accuracy, and also take into account the specificity of their profession.

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