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Price: 2,599.00 грн


Price: 2,599.00 грн

The chassis of the aircraft

Landing gear

Without a landing gear, take-off or put-down is impossible. This system is extremely important for the safe operation of the entire aircraft. If earlier there were used simply racks with wheels, then modern aircraft are equipped with chassis with a lot of parts, including those working in automatic mode.

What are the landing gear for aircraft

Classification of the chassis passes at the place of installation of the wheels relative to the center of gravity of the aircraft. There are:

  • chassis with two racks, which are located on the nose and tail of the aircraft;
  • chassis with three racks, located under the nose and under both wings, but behind the plane’s center of gravity;
  • bicycle-type chassis, which is based on two racks under the nose and tail, and two under the wings perform a supporting role.

In any case, before buying wheels for an airplane, you need to find out exactly which ones are suitable for your equipment. Particularly important are the operational properties and the ratio of the parts of the wheel: rubber, cord and metal.

What the aircraft landing gear should be

Before installing chassis, you need to study their technical characteristics, and make sure that they:

  • easy to control when driving on the ground;
  • will not damage the runway, and will not be damaged by it;
  • easily hide in the slots intended for this purpose or they will become exactly on the place intended for them;
  • will not be too heavy for an airplane;
  • do not violate the aerodynamic properties of the aircraft;
  • have reliable brakes;
  • equipped with a status indicator, if this is an exhaust module;
  • do not let the aircraft touch the ground with any elements or modules other than the wheels.

The cost of landing gear is not the lowest, but this is the detail on which you cannot save. After all, it depends on the chassis how successful it will be to take-off and, which is more importantly, to put-down. That is why in the aviation online store Crew-shop only the best models of aircraft chassis are presented. Choose and order or call the consultant if you have any questions. Here all will tell, and if you from Kiev and that will show.

Crew-shop: professionally, available, delivery

There are reliable landing gears on sale, the quality of which has been checked and proved not only by tests, but also by real pilots. The catalog includes aircraft chassis made of strong alloys and wear-resistant rubber, although you can buy them at an affordable price. Need confidence in a sound landing? The chassis is half the success! Therefore, in Crew-shop are only the best aircraft landing gears in Ukraine.

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