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Sleeping masks

Masks for sleep

Sleeping masks

A good sleep is as important for the functioning of the body as food and fresh air. But what can prevent a person from getting enough sleep? An inconvenient pose, the slightest light source, a trip – all this affects the sleep quality and its productivity. So how one can recover strength and awake bright? Sleeping mask, which will completely absorbs the light, help beat insomnia, dim the light, and simply have a good night's rest.

Who and why needs sleeping masks?

A sleeping mask can be a necessity or a stylish accessory. Here what is it for:

  • To ensure complete darkness. If you cannot guarantee the total absence of light sources, otherwise you cannot fall asleep, the mask becomes a salvation. For representatives of professions that comprise permanent displacement and insufficient amount of time for rest (pilots, stewards, secretaries, journalists, etc.), a sleeping mask is a simply necessary attribute.
  • To be in a trend and strengthen your identity. People try to prove ourselves in any way. Sleeping masks can be of various shapes, colors, with different inscriptions and drawings. Such gifts will not remain unnoticed and will be a success.
  • In order to always look perfect, no matter how much you sleep, sleeping masks are equipped with a special liner with a gel that can be put in the fridge and after awaking, you will look rested even last night your eyes were tense and tired and you just slept for a couple of hours.

Who should have a sleeping mask:

  • People suffering from insomnia. Instead of pills, it is better to provide the necessary conditions for a quality sleep. This applies not only to people with insomnia, but also for those who cannot sleep for a long time.
  • Travelers. It is always difficult to rest on a trip, but buying a sleeping mask is quite possible. Even if your neighbor wants to read with the light on, this will not prevent you from reaching the destination point with full strength and energy.
  • People who care about their health. In addition to comfortable position of the body, neat mattress and airing the room, it is worth paying attention to the level of illumination in the bedroom. If the curtains and switching off of all light sources cannot ensure a complete darkness, then you can try a sleeping mask.

Sleeping mask characteristics

When buying such a sleeping mask, you should pay attention to:

1. The inner part material (usually it is cotton);

2. The outer part material (cotton, polyester, silk);

3. Size;

4. Adjustor with elastic band for ideal size selection;

5. Sealant (usually it is foam rubber);

6. Color;

7. Decor.

All these characteristics, one way or another, affect the cost of a sleeping mask. You can buy a suitable sleeping mask for yourself or as a gift in the aviation online store Crew Shop. Affordable price and excellent quality are guaranteed. Sale and delivery is carried out in Kiev and all regions of Ukraine. Have a good shopping!

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