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Price: 969.00 грн

Verifying the fuel quantity is a critical part of any preflight, but it can be a hassle with high wing airplanes. This sturdy step stool makes it easy, and is ideal for all preflight inspections. Just unfold the AeroLadder and you have a stable platform for both feet. Strong but lightweight aluminum construction is rated to 300 lbs., but weighs less than 5 lbs. Measures 13 1/2”w x 19 1/2”h x 7 1/2”d, and fits easily through almost all baggage doors. Leave one in your airplane and you’ll always h..

Price: 969.00 грн

Step ladders

Aviation Ladders

Step ladders

Aviation step ladders are equipment for technical personnel to maintain an aircraft. They provide access to various components and assemblies. The constructions are equipped with wheels, it can be of various fixed heights and with adjustable platforms. To simplify the towing to the operation spot, the equipment is equipped with a steering trapeze and a carrier. Aviation step ladder can be used for work in hangars and in open areas at a temperature from -40 to + 40 оС.

Production features

To manufacture the equipment, a standard steel profile which is galvanized and powder coated is used. The base of the steps and the working platform is the expanded steel sheet or other sound material that prevents slipping.

You can buy step ladder made of aluminum alloy. Such constructions are not less strong, but is much lighter by weight. The cost of equipment varies depending on the material of manufacture, height and other features. The assortment of devices allows you to choose the best options for height and other characteristics for performing different jobs.

Aviation step ladders are equipped with the following elements:

  • To prevent the tool from falling, the platforms are equipped with special flanges.
  • Counterweights provide the ability to use equipment safely when operating in condition of stiff wind.
  • The wheel stops allow you to lock the ladder in a certain place.
  • For work on uneven surfaces, the aviation step ladder is equipped with wheels, and you can adjust the height, and the jacks allow to level the work platform.

Buy aviation step ladders in Ukraine

Aviation online store CREWSHOP carries out the sale of specialized equipment for aircraft maintenance in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. We have various types of step ladders in the sale, and can offer the best option for any customer request. In our shop, you can buy the strong and sound devices that will provide safe working conditions for the technical personnel. The prices correspond to the quality of the equipment. Call us or write on e-mail, company managers are ready to provide any additional information regarding the positions of the online catalog.

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