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Price: 1,199.00 грн


Price: 1,199.00 грн




The wallet is like a business card. In addition to the fact that it should be practical, because it puts all the most necessary things: money, cards, driver's license, it should also be stylish. How to choose the same accessory that will become a reliable partner in the most unpredictable situations, and at the same time, its appearance will please you for many years? We are ready to reveal this secret to you.

What wallets men prefer and why

First, let's see what kind of wallets for men there are:

  • Portemonaie. Classic. A cozy, comfortable, stylish, elegant and multifunctional accessory that will be relevant anywhere, at any time and will suit any style: from casual to dandy. Usually such a wallet has several offices for cash, slots for cards, rights, photos, as well as a compartment for small items. The wallet catalog contains the best models of a purse, among which you will find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Sports. Are made of water-repellent fabric. Suitable for active recreation, sports, but definitely not suitable for dates and business meetings.
  • Super Slim. A miniature wallet for a small number of bills and a couple of cards.
  • Road. Created for those who travel a lot. In such wallets, you can put a lot of things: documents, tickets, money, cards, passports.

If you are planning to buy a wallet in Kiev, first you need to decide is what tasks it should perform. If the image one, then the best choice will be a portemonaie, if for tourist purposes - choose a road option. The main rule of choice is that you like the accessory externally and arrange it with quality. However, to buy is one thing, but to choose the right accessory is completely different. How to make it right? Let’s talk about that.

Secrets of choosing the "right" wallet

The cost of a wallet depends on many properties. Consider the main:

1. Quality. The main quality indicator is the material of the product and the pads, seams, zippers, buttons. By purchasing a wallet from the online catalog of Crew Shop, you cannot doubt that the products are 100% original, this is confirmed by quality certificates.

2. Material. The best choice is leather. A leather wallet will last longer than a wallet made of any other material.

3. Comfort. Before buying and determining the price, you are willing to pay for the accessory, select the size. To do this, you need to understand the main purpose of the wallet. If it is difficult for you to make a choice, our managers are always ready to help you with this.

4. Appearance. Modern wallets are so diverse that you often get lost in the choice. But this is fixable.

In our catalog you will find something that is right for you.

The aviation online store Crew Shop sells unique leather wallet that will become a bright highlight. Only 100% original products, high level of service and fast delivery throughout Ukraine. Still have questions? Our managers will gladly answer them. Call us!

46. ​​

Magnifying glasses

Magnifying glass is a device that allows you to increase the objects in different areas and for different purposes. It consists of one or more lenses and is used in all spheres of life: science, medicine, criminology, aviation, everyday life, etc. The main parameters of the magnifier are its diameter and focal length - the permissible radius of its action.

Magnifying glass is used in two ways:

1. Traditional. The magnifier is located from the object of investigation at a distance slightly less than the actually permissible. This allows the human eye to see a direct image of the object under study.

2. Reverse. This magnifying glass has a small radius of the focal length, but at the same time, it increases the object of observation more.


If you are planning to buy a magnifier in Kiev, decide what tasks it should solve, because these devices, depending on their classification, are designed for different purposes. Magnifying glasses can have the following magnification power:

  • small;
  • average;
  • large.

By appointment, they are divided into:

  • inspection;
  • measuring;
  • cereals;
  • sentries;
  • textile;
  • frame (for viewing frames);
  • technical (for repair and maintenance of machinery).

What should be noticed when choosing:

1. The number of lenses. Single-lens magnifiers have a low magnifying power.

2. The focal length. If it is necessary to obtain a detailed large image, the magnifying glass should be taken with a small working distance.

3. Depth of field. The higher the power, the lower the image quality.

4. Coating. Often a magnifying glass, or rather its surface, is covered with a special antireflection coating that absorbs light. It has proved itself to work well in objects with poor illumination.

5. Field of view. The area that is visible through the magnifying device. The larger the diameter of the lens, the narrower the zone becomes, which can be discerned in it.

It is important to know!

Magnifying glasses have several features that should be considered in the process of their operation, namely:

  • One lens often distorts the transmitted image. This can be avoided by connecting several lenses together. Then the image will be qualitative and as close to reality (without distortion).
  • Lenses cannot accurately convey colors. This is due to the fact that they focus the color and its boundaries only in one single point. Combining several lenses will partially fix the situation, that is, the image will be much better and clearer.

How to buy quality at an affordable price

The price of a magnifying glass depends on its technical characteristics. Before finally making a choice in favor of one or another device, you should consider whether it solves the problems for which you are acquiring it. Do not buy any magnifier, because it may not meet your goals.

The aviation online store Crew Shop sells high-quality magnifying glasses, with which you 100% solve the tasks assigned to you. However, if you are not sure of the choice, call us right now, and ask your question to our manager and all your doubts will be cleared, or we will choose the best option, which will be delivered to any part of Ukraine.

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