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Комплект крепления для iPad Mini 1-2

Код товара: Product 482
6381.00 грн


  • 1 PC Mini Pivot Case for iPad Mini1 or Mini2
  • 1 PC Mini Folio Screen Cover for iPad Mini (The folding black screen cover. No screen protector is included, although any thin film screen protector will fit with our case.)
  • 1 PPK-1 PIVOT PARTS KIT (pre-assembled mounting plate, dog bone and tension ring)
  • 1 809FB Suction Cup Mount by PanaVise

This combination kit is everything you need to protect your iPad MINI and unlock the versatility of the PIVOT case and mounting system.

See the other mounting solutions which may accomodate your needs even more completely in more locations. Preposition your mounts in your most popular spots. The kitchen, the garage, the airplane and be ready to "pivot" wherever you are.


Standard Features unique to PIVOT Cases:


  • Custom Design - PIVOT was specifically designed for aviation industry use. The design focuses not just on drop protection, EFB use, or the convenience of viewing videos and writing email. It’s ALL of those things - with the 24/7/365 experience of a typical airline pilot as the driving factor.
  • Patented Design - Our patented quick release system can only be found on PIVOT products. The convenience of installation and removal are unequaled in the aviation industry. The EFB can’t be the thing that makes a flight push back late, or unnecessarily delays you in heading for the parking lot after your trip is over.
  • Standardized Fleet - Every PIVOT case will always use the identical mounting channel and mounting plate. This makes device replacement much less complicated for large and small operators alike. This also allows the company to retain flexibility and negotiating power when selecting a particular device or vendor. The aircraft mounts always remain the same so the company can truly make the right choice of technology.
  • Infinitely Adjustable - One touch adjustment of the screen to combat glare or a seat height adjustment removes the multi-step, two handed process common to the “other guys” mounts. Making the view exactly what you need and achieving it as easily as adjusting a rear view mirror, reduces fatigue and enhances device use and effectiveness.
  • Standard Folio Features - The PIVOT removable folio is a virtually instantaneous way to convert from personal use to mounted viewing for EFB use. The folio is conveniently equipped with multiple viewing angles when using outside of the cockpit. When closed and in transit, it provides robust screen protection from incidental impact. It also provides additional drop protection for front side drops as it tends to absorb most of the impact forces and then is backed up by the hard shell of the case body. The folio removal and installation process is simple and efficient. You will be confident that your device will be protected in transit, and it will perform admirably for personal use during down time on trips.
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