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This padded control surface lock secures flaps, ailerons, elevators or rudder quickly, simply and safely! Pads compress to surface configuration—won’t damage surface finish, fade, chip, or absorb water. Bright Day-Glo™ polycarbonate surfaces and yarn streamer for high visibility. Small (4 in. dia.), lightweight (3 oz.)—they do the job. Made in USA. Manufactured by L W Spiro...

Комплект для швартовки самолета. Включает в себя три стальных анкера (14 дюймов и 1/8 дюйма угловая спираль) и три длинных 15ти футовых нейлоновых троса высокого качества (масло и водостойкие). Весит всего 5 фунтов. Для удобства транспортировки - сумка. ..

A new approach to tie downs.This innovative tie down utilizes a unique turn buckle to keep the rope taught. No moving parts or levers, simply feed the rope through and pull down. The Tie Boss maintains tension without needing to tie the rope off. Kit includes three tie downs and a bag to keep them organized. Bag may be personalized with an N-number (6 characters). Each tie down includes 10 ft of rope..

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