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Professional Power iPad/iPhone Battery

  • Модель: Product 560
  • Наличие: Необходимо уточнить

If you fly with mobile devices, this battery is the one that can keep them all going; all day all night and then some. 20,800 mAh is enough juice to recharge your iPads, Stratus, and cell phones multiple times. The 4 USB ports allow charging of 2 tablets and 2 phones at the same time. Includes AC power adapter and Recharges the battery in 10 hours.

  • 20,800mAh external battery pack with 4 USB ports: Charge up to 2 tablets and 2 mobile phones simultaneously
  • Two 2.4A USB ports designed to charge the new iPad, tablets and smartphones
  • Two 1A USB ports designed to charge iPhones, Samsung, Mobile Phones and other USB powered Devices
  • Includes AC power adapter and Recharges the Mutant in 10 hours
  • One year warranty

Measures 5.77"h x 4.67"w x 0.86"d and weighs 1.1 lbs.

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