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Сумка Brightline Bags B4 Swift Pilot

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Built for the VFR Pilot who needs the essentials when flying: Headset, sunglasses, GPS, today's charts, kneeboard, radio, etc. which the B04 can handle with ease.

Equipped with an arsenal of pockets, compartments and zippers you’ll never run out of storage space!

  • Brightline Front Pocket Cap with 9 pockets
  • Brightline Bags FLEX 4 Inch Center Section
  • Brightline Flat Rear Cap
  • Brightline Side Pocket Alpha
  • Brightline Side Pocket Charlie
  • Also includes main handle and shoulder strap.

The 4" Center Section offers storage space and comes with a divider shelf attaching to the side walls of the main compartment with Velcro. This shelf can be positioned right where you need it or removed for full access storing one or two headsets or a GPS. Access is through a unique top zipper design that also opens the entire length allowing you to reach all the items above and below the divider shelf. On top of the bag is a pocket for sunglasses.

The Brightline B4 is perfect for that day trip or spending time in the pattern perfecting those landings. The B04 Swift also makes a fantastic carry-on travel bag. You can store your 13" laptop, power cords, smart phone, snacks, pillow, iPad, magazines, iPod, keys, DVD's etc., in a small efficient bag that fits right under the front seat.



  • 14" x 12" x 5"
  • The bag is soft so it can expand slightly in every direction.
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