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    Описание авиационного раиосканера Sporty’s Air Scan        В последние несколько лет интерес к авиации у широких масс снова стал резко увеличиваться, в небо приходить всё больше и больше людей, появляются целые сообщества авиационных фанатов.    Одними из таких романтиков, сердца которых покорила авиация, являются авиационные споттеры ( plane spotters). Именно они занимаются прослушиванием авиационных р..

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The Icom IC-A120 is the direct replacement to the popular Icom IC-A110.The Icom IC-A120 is a rugged and reliable for serious ground crew communications built to military specifications (mil-spec). Setting a new standard for ground based communications, the IC-A210 provides durability and reliability in demanding operating environments. Capable of being installed in any vehicle, IC-A120 is adaptable to vehicles working on a 12 V DC as well as a 24 V DC power source.Icom’s IC-A120 Mobile Airband T..

UPGRADED SCREEN - BETTER CONTRAST AND ADJUSTABLE BACKLIGHT FOR IMPROVED SUNLIGHT READABILITY. The award-winning SP-400 is simply the most powerful portable radio you can buy—like having a complete standby radio stack in your flight bag. The all-in-one radio makes a reliable backup for emergency use, but it’s also perfect for listening to ATIS, getting clearances before engine start or just monitoring local traffic.But a great radio is worthless if it’s hard to use. That’s why our staff of pilots..

With an oversize full dot matrix LCD display, the Yaesu FTA-750L Airband Transceiver / GPS provides full communication on the aircraft communications band and additionally provides VOR and ILS navigation features on the "NAV" band, and waypoint navigation with the built in GPS receiver. The FTA-750L includes NOAA weather band monitoring and the capability of programming up to 200 memory channels with a quick and easy channel recall feature. The easy to operate menu system is icon driven making i..

The Yaesu FTA-230 is the new replacement to the very popular Vertex Pro VI VXA-220 Transceiver.The Yaesu FTA-230 is a compact, stylish, solid and submersible hand-held transceiver providing communication on the International Aircraft Communication Band. Additionally, it provides receive on the Navigation Band.  The Yaesu FTA-230 boasts 700 mW of clean audio output and it also provides 8.33 kHz synthesizer steps for the new narrow-band channel plan.The FTA-230 is one of the world's only air-band ..



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